Letter from Abraham Penman, to his Wife, Location and Date Unknown

Lizz you maik my hart leap with joy when you tell me of our children play full words. It appears to me then that I have a duble reason to be glad that I am here to giv the govermen my humble surviz to the best of my ability and for your self you know from my former actions that I loved you and all was will, but Bety I am only a man and you know that men from self respect sometimes banish that witch thay love most. Lizz, I hope it will not be so with me and you, but I am telling you to put you on your gard so that It may never happen. God bles you. You want not to rite love to you. Why, evry word that I have rote was threw love, not what is called calf love, but love of a man that knows what trew manly love means. Lizz, it was some what hard to be acused of neglecting you when I never thought of the like, but I was not offended, thare for, I have nothing to forgive you of or if I had, I freely would. Now Liz, a word with you about our children; God bles them. I want you to giv them your undivided attention. Teach them the way to God and the best way to do that is by example. The second is in lerning them to read and by that means to be able to judge for them selfs. Tel them that I think of them hourly and my dayly prair is for there well fare. Liz, I would send you all the likeness in one letter only for this reason: Thay might be lost or miss cared, then you would not get eather of them and if only 2 of them arrive, giv mouther one of them. Liz, I have hered that some of you folks has been saying some hard thing about me since I left home, but Lizz, they cant inger me mutch, but I thought you might have told me of it your self before this time, but that cant helped now. Tell Harit and Mike that I wish them well giv my best respects to all inquiring friends. A dew for present. I remain your affectionet husband. 

A Penman