Letter from Abraham Penman, to his Wife, Location and Date Unknown

 I take this opportunity of writing to you for the second time since I have recived your letter. This leaves all here in good hellth and with the hope these few lines may find you all in food condition and redy for your grub. I recived Bill Prescot letter yesterday in which he says nothing coming this way. I had wrote to him to fetch my watch … he says that John Athen would send it with Oliver. He nead no go to mutch truble to send it. It would cum very handy here on a count of there being verry few in the Compny here. I have set down write an have but verry little to write about. To collect your ides is out of the question. The day is wet and the boys is all in the tent. Bill Malone is writing on the left Ferry on left wat smoking very lesourly. John has commenced to write his second letter this morning, so when you consider evry thing, you will excuse my bad writing. This is a mighty bad pen. I hav wrote to all of you separately. I mean my relations. This is the fourth time that I have wrote to since I came to Washinton. Thare has ben but verry little sickness here. Only one man has died belonging to this regiment. Thare is six woman in this regiment. One of them tryed to stop hur wind yesterday by drawing a razor a cros hur throte. The cut wasnot deap a nuph for that, there for she still livs. I went and seen hur. The blood was running freely. Thay say that she was insane. Thare is a report that wee will be paid next weeak. I can not say for cirtan that it will be so, but incase is, I send my mounth pay home. I hered a letter red last knight that was wrote by Dremmen to Bill Malone in which he said that he had your name, but you had not maid application to him yet, therefor I think that you better attend to it soon your self or get John Ingles to dow it for you. You have a right to your portion of the fund, tharefor you need not be any way backward in making application for it. I did not intend that you should depend on A G McGrew only incase that you would get suffishant from the county and my self. In the letter that I recived from you last, you told me of Ab taking my surtificate to Pittsburg. I cannot tell why he tuck it thare. Per haps you can tell me when you write answer to this. I dow not think that it is nesacerry that should giv you all to miner particulars that hapen here. Thare is soming writing home that you will all. Any how, you can tell the children that my thoughts run continuly about them. Tell Polly that I intend to cum home this next winter to see hur and all the rest of you. You said something in your letter about Jerry saying that he was cuming home in six weeks. That must have been a misstake, for he says he never said so, nor eny thing else. Thare is furlow allowed for 20 days evry year to each man, but I dow now how long wee havto bein the service before intitled to that privlage. I think that I will be goverened by circumstances. I forgot to say that I wrote to Jac and your Fauther. I was not sirten the directions was right, therefor thay may not get it, if not, rite and let me know the write directions. I must cum to close. Giv my best respects to all. I remane yours. 

A Penman