Letter from Isiah Hartzell, from Camp Pierpont, dated March 14, 1862

March 14th , 1862
Camp Pierpont

Dear brother

I take my pen in hand to in form you that I am well at present and I hope that that these few lines will find you in joying the seame blessing I received your letter to night and was glad to hear that you was well and all the rest hower regimen has left Camp Pierpont and went out to Senterville The rebels has left there and bull run and manassas hower troops has possession of there now hower troops went over the battle ground at bull run The rebels didn’t show any fight they all ways run like cowards I think they are played out I think they will give up before long I think we will be home by July I went with the regiment and give out and the Captain Sent me back to Camp agin The sick they was all left back at camp I will send that girl a letter in yours I havnt much to right to you at present sono more at present but right as soon as you get this from your affectionate brother to my brother_____

Isiah Hartzell

Direct your letter Washington D.C. in care of Capt Wisler Co B Kains Riffle regiment