Letter from George W. Chase to Hamlin’s Mother, July 24, 1864

Camp 1st Rifles P. R. V. C.
Near Petersburg July 24 [1864

Mrs. C. Hamlin,
Dear one,

     Yours of the 19th is before me John Fletcher was struck by a rifle ball in the head which broke the skull when he was taken back it supposed he was dead and his things were taken from his pockets. when we got him to the hospital Dr. Humphreys thought he might stand some chance of recovery. I should liked to stay with him but could not, he was not sensible while I was with him but afterwards we heard he was better and could speak. We did not hear of his deth till the night before I wrote. I have given his things to James Knolton Sece (sp. ?) whose time is out to take to you. you will probably get them before long.

Truly yours,
George W. Chase (his signature)