Letter from John F. Hamlin to his Mother, June 1, 1864, Camp in the Field

Camp in the Field 8 miles from Richmond June 1st/64

Dear Mother,

     I take this opertunity to wright A few lines to you and to lett you know that I am still alive and unhurt but am not well I have the Diptheria verry bad but I am some better than I was yesterday. Robert Knier [prob. Kinnear] in going home. I can send it by him and it will go safe. Mother, I shot A Rebble night before last as they wer charging our rifle pits and after the fight I went out to him (my shose wer all wore out). I pulled off his shose and put them on and serched his pockets and found $28.65 cts in rebble scrip and $3 1/2,00 in gold and silver ($1.00 in silver and $2 1/2,00 in Gold). I am still striving to serve the Lord with all my heart. Robert is in a hurry so I must close now. I get B. [illegible) letter some time ago and had an answer wrote and lost it good by.

John F. Hamlin