Letter from John F. Hamlin to his Mother, [March] 6th, 1864 at Bristoe Station

Camp at Bristoe Station Va, Sat night the 6th/64

Well hear I am Mother at last in Camp again the regiment is just where I left it at Bristo Station. I got through without any trouble except the loss of my watch and revolver which I had stole from me (but not that little revolver that I had thare for I traided that one for another larger one and gave $8.00 to boot) when I was asleep in a travern in Washington and I suppose that the felons would have taken my money to if he could have found it but I had it in the inside pocket of my vest. I got back with just $21,_6 cts the first thing that I took notice of in ariving hear was the roar of artillery they are fighting lik fun out in front the 1st and 2nd Corpes are acrost the Rapadan well this is all I will write at the present so good by mother

John F. Hamlin