Letter from John F. Hamlin to his Father, May [2 or 12], 1864

Camp at (illegible) Station May (2 or 12), 1864

Dear Father,

     I take this opertunity to wright a few lines to you to let you know that I am still alive and well and enjoying myself first rate both in body and in soal. I write A letter to you some time since and have reseaved no answer yet I also wrote to Brother Haskins and have herd nothing from it and one to Libs and no answer. I haint mutch time to wright as the mail goes out soon. I have a 9 nine days hard fighting and we wer in everyday. I have fired about 500 rounds of Cartridges at the rebels and they have throsed a great meny at us but they haint hit me yet and I heard an order or Oficial report that General Butler has carred the works at Ft. Darling and had possession of Peters Burg and that General Avril had [illegible] the East Tenesee Railroad and that the 2 Corps had captured 28 pieces of Artilery and 8 thousand prisoners and old Lea was backing out as fast as possible if thats so the rebels are plaed out. this is all I can wright at present so good by.

John F. Hamlin