Letter from John F. Hamlin to his Mother, Sept. 17, 1863

Camp 1st Rifles, Sept. 17, 1863

Dear Mother, Father and Brother,

I received a letter from Sylvester this eavning and haisten to reply. I have not time to write mutch now but will prosead to buisness. We are now between Culpepper Cort House and raccoon ford on the Rappadan river and they wer fighting all day about 3 or 4 miles from hear prety hard. We are drawing catridges this eavning an I expect to hear the whiz of miny balls before tomarrow night but do not be uneasy about me for the Lord is with me and if I fall, rest asured that I am prepared for the grate change which all must come to wheather it be on the battle field or by diseas at home.

Pray for me, that I be able to hold out to the end. Poor Cordello Collins is dead of his wounds, it is hard but true but he is [“better off”- has been scratched out] in heaven for he was a Christian every inch of him and he had time to think before he died. We have no Colonel, Colonel Talor (Captain Co H) was killed at Gettysburg and our Leut. Colnel Niles Commands the regt. He was wounded thare in the leg. Well the candel is most out an I must quit but tell me in your next where William Sharp lives good by.

From your brother and sone
\r\nJ. F. Hamlin