Muster Roll of the Governor’s Guards (Original)

The “Governor’s Guards” of Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania,
were assigned Company “F” of the 2nd Pennsylvania Reserves.

The original “Governor’s Guards” were organized in May of 1861. In August of that same year, Company F as well as other companies in the regiment lost many men who refused to take the oath, and those companies thus negatively affected were disbanded. Company F was replaced with a new company in late August of 1861, and the following April of 1862 was again replaced with a new compliment of men from Huntingdon & Blair Counties.

Below you will find the original muster roll of this company as it appeared in May of 1861.

Contributor Simon Losinger’s Notes:

1. No muster-out rolls for Companies B, F and G of the 2nd Reserves were on file in the office of the Adjutant General of the State.  As a consequence, the rolls for these companies were chiefly sourced by Samuel P. Bates for his History of the Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-1865 from “Our Campaigns; The Second Regiment Pennsylvania Reserve Volunteers” by Major E. M. Woodward.

2. Samuel P. Bates states in his History of the Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-1865, that Company F, together with Companies B, G, and I, were ordered by General Banks to be disbanded on or about August 16, 1861 “on the ground of their numbers being below the standard of acceptance – all the companies having been greatly reduced by the withdrawal of disaffected men – the officers to be mustered out and the men to be transferred to other companies” (Bates, Vol. 1, page 576).

3. Although not explicitly stated by Bates, but based on the dates given for men having mustered into the company, the roll presented in History of the Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-1865 is for the reconstituted Company F.  Bates, however, does not provide the date on which Company F was formally reconstituted.

4. For Company F, Bates does not provide the muster out date(s) for those men who “mustered out upon expiration of term.”  As the 2nd Reserves mustered out of service on June 16, 1864, it would seem reasonable to assume that those men of Company F, who did muster out for the reason that their term of service had been completed, did so on or before June 16, 1864.

Bringhurst, Thomas F.CaptainLight
Kite, George W.1st Lieutenant375′ 9″DarkHazelDarkShoe CutterPhiladelphia
Edwards, William2nd Lieutenant365′ 9 1/2″DarkDarkDarkBoot MakerPhiladelphia
Raas, Christian1st Sergeant255′ 5 1/2″LightGreyDarkSawyer1128 Elm St.Refused Oath
Penning, Mars2nd Sergeant425′ 7″DarkGreyChestnutCordwainer934 MarlboroughRefused Oath
Craig, Daniel3rd Sergeant225′ 11″LightGreyBrownMarble Cutter12 Otter St.
Dougherty, Robert4th Sergeant225′ 8 1/2″DarkGreyDarkSaddlerColumbia AvenueRefused Oath
Mallen, James1st Corporal275′ 9 1/2″DarkGreyDarkMachinistHope st.Refused Oath
Semons, John2nd Corporal255′ 6 1/2″LightGreyLightPlumberGerard Av.Refused Oath
Ely, Daniel L.3rd Corporal225′ 10 1/2″DarkDarkDarkCigar Maker1333 Frankford Rd.Refused Oath (Or Eby)
Longshore, Lambert4th Corporal355′ 6 1/2″LightDarkDarkFrame Maker1227 Front St.
Bowie, HenryMusician175′ 1 1/2″LightDarkLightDrummerClinton St.Refused Oath
Sayres, MathewMusician255′ 4″DarkGreyDarkCarver1066 Frankford Rd.
Allen, JacobPrivate235′ 5 1/4″RuddyDarkDarkSail MakerRoss st.Deserted
Atkins, JamesPrivate355′ 5 3/4″DarkDarkDarkChair Maker1332 N. FrontRefused Oath
Balderson, JonathanPrivate336′ 0″LightGreyLightIron WorkerBaltimore, Md.Deserted
Bell, JamesPrivate215′ 8 1/2″DarkDarkDarkMachinist1106 MarlboroughRefused Oath
Bowers, HenryPrivate215′ 6″LightBlueLightPlumberPhiladelphiaDeserted
Bronson, CharlesPrivate216′ 1 1/4″DarkDarkDarkChair Maker14 Wheat st.Refused Oath
Brough, MichaelPrivate205′ 8″DarkDarkDarkBlacksmith1124 Elm st.
Calley, WilliamPrivate205′ 6″LightDarkDarkSaw Maker151 Otter St.
Canliffe, JohnPrivate255′ 5 1/4″LightGreyLightStove Maker1434 Frankford Rd.Refused Oath
Day, CharlesPrivate225′ 7″LightBrownSandyShoe Maker1017 Marlborough
Doll, George W.Private215′ 5″DarkDarkDarkSail MakerPhiladelphiaDeserted
Drain, SamuelPrivate245′ 6 1/4″DarkDarkDarkTurnerJames St.
Drain, WilliamPrivate235′ 7 1/2″DarkGreyDarkTurnerJames St.
Eisenhower, George W.Private295′ 9″LightBlackSandySlaterLehigh Co, Pa.Deserted
Ettinger, WilliamPrivate255′ 6″LightDarkSandyCarpenterRichmond St.
Fahling, WilliamPrivate205′ 8″DarkGreyLightShoe MakerOxford st.Deserted
Fletcher, WilliamPrivate415′ 8″DarkBlackDarkShoe MakerPhiladelphiaDeserted (This word is crossed out.)
Fortney, TaylorPrivate255′ 5″LightDarkLightSaw Maker1237 Hope st.Refused Oath (Also possibly Fortner)
Gamble, RobertPrivate355′ 6 1/4″DarkDarkDarkMorocco DresserWilmington, Del.Deserted
Germon, WilliamPrivate225′ 5″LightGreyLightSaddlerCherry st.Refused Oath
Gibson, EdwardPrivate205′ 7 1/4″LightGreyLightWeaver1419 N. 2nd St.Refused Oath
Giebler, HenryPrivate205′ 10″LightGreyLightGas Fitter905 Beach st.Refused Oath
Grey, JosephPrivate245′ 4 1/2″LightLightLightPlumber1337 N. 2nd St.Refused Oath
Grey, LeanderPrivate335′ 4 1/4″DarkDarkSandySeamanCumberland St.(Discharged on account of phsycial disability.)
Haplet, WilliamPrivate255′ 7 1/2″DarkBlackBrownPaper HangerJackson st.
Hayes, JacobPrivate275′ 10 1/4″LightBlueLightShovel MakerHolmesburg, Pa.Refused Oath
Hebbard, FrederickPrivate235′ 4 3/4″DarkGreyDarkDyerAdams st.
Jackaway, WilliamPrivate215′ 5″LightBlackSandyPlasterer1229 Sarah St.Deserted
Jackaway, WilliamPrivate205′ 5″LightHazelSandyBoot Maker1229 Sarah st.Deserted
Johnston, ThomasPrivate245′ 8″LightHazelDarkCigar MakerGaul St.Deserted
Jones, William L.Private295′ 5″LightDarkLightFisherman8 Richmond st.Refused Oath
Kensey, JohnPrivate275′ 9 3/4″DarkHazelDarkBuilderFrnkford rd ab. ColumbiaRefused Oath
Kerr, JohnPrivate305′ 10″DarkBlackDarkMorocco DresserShackamaxon st.Refused Oath
Letherberry, EdwardPrivate355′ 6″LightGreyDarkShoe MakerMarlborough below Allen
Lewis, James F.Private325′ 6″DarkBlackDarkCarpenterWood st.(Age could also be 22.)
Lord, WilliamPrivate275′ 11″LightBlueBrownBoot FitterSavory st.Refused Oath
Lucas, JamesPrivate225′ 8 1/2″LightGreySandyLaborerFall st.Deserted
Lunny, JohnPrivate205′ 5″DarkGreyDarkFishermanHoward st.Refused Oath
Madden, HenryPrivate265′ 5″LightGreyBrownChair MakerFrankford rd.Refused Oath
Maloney, WilliamPrivate215′ 9 1/4″DarkDarkDarkCabinet MakerStoys CourtRefused Oath
McAllister, RobertPrivate235′ 5 1/2″LightBlackBlacksmithSt. John st.Refused Oath
McCalvey, JamesPrivate255′ 10 1/2″DarkDarkDarkBricklayer965 Frankford Rd.Refused Oath
McKinley, HenryPrivate185′ 9″DarkGreyDarkRollerman Iron?Front stDeserted
McKinney, ThomasPrivate235′ 8 1/2″LightGreyDarkLaborerCoral st.Deserted
McKinsey, ArchibaldPrivate215′ 6 1/2″DarkDarkDarkFisherman1223 Howard st.Refused Oath
Merret, WilliamPrivate275′ 5″LightGreySandyCarpenterMarlborough st.Refused Oath
Miller, WilliamPrivate216′ 0″LightBlueLightChair Maker5th below Brown st.Deserted
Mulholland, WilliamPrivate185′ 6 1/2″LightBlueDarkWheelwrightDunton st.Refused Oath
Myers, DavidPrivate265′ 8″LightGreyLightBoiler MakerCrease StRefused Oath
Nichols, TheodorePrivate195′ 7 1/2″LightGreyLightButcherPhiladelphiaRefused Oath
Paul, George S.Private245′ 10″LightHazelDarkBrick Maker661 Germantown Rd.Deserted
Peacock, HenryPrivate195′ 7″LightBlueLightMorocco DresserCherry st.Deserted
Peak, EdwardPrivate265′ 9 1/2″DarkBlueDarkShip CarpenterMarlborough st.Deserted
Platt, GeorgePrivate185′ 5″LightLightLightStove Maker1077 Beach st.Refused Oath
Quigley, AlbertPrivate205′ 6″DarkDarkDarkSaw MakerHancock st.
Read, JohnPrivate335′ 9 1/2″LightLightLightChair Maker1212 Hope st.Refused Oath
Reeves, LeonardPrivate405′ 4″LightLightLightGalvenazer1337 Hope st.Refused Oath
Reighter, George W.Private245′ 10 1/2″LightGreyAuburnDriverAmber below ThompsonRefused Oath
Rotherman, WilliamPrivate305′ 5″LightLightLightSaw Maker1046 Sarah st.Deserted
Sands, RobertPrivate375′ 7″DarkGreyDarkWeaverPhiladelphiaDeserted
Saylor, GeorgePrivate255′ 6 1/2″DarkGreyDarkDriver1024 Frankford Rd.Refused Oath (Last name also spelled Taylor.)
Schaffer, MartinPrivate395′ 8 1/2″LightBlueDarkMorocco Dresser1004 Sarah st.Refused Oath
Schoenwald, WilliamPrivate355′ 6 1/2″LightGreyDarkShoe MakerPhiladelphia
Seamen, TheodorePrivate215′ 6 1/2″LightGreyDarkSaw Maker1044 Saylor st.
Sedenger, HowardPrivate275′ 8″LightBlueLightDruggist1020 Ross st.Refused Oath
Sheely, WilliamPrivate195′ 4 1/2″LightLightDarkBlacksmithShanamaxon st.
Shepherd, WilliamPrivate225′ 4 1/2″DarkDarkDarkSaw MakerOtter st.Refused Oath
Shoemaker, DanielPrivate235′ 8 1/2″DarkDarkDarkBoot Maker3rd below GirardRefused Oath
Shultz, WilliamPrivate255′ 6″DarkDarkDarkBoiler Maker15 Lehigh st.Deserted
Strawser, LewisPrivate215′ 7 1/2″LightBlueLightFullerHaydock st.Refused Oath
Towsend, EdwardPrivate305′ 5″LightBlueLightPainterPalmer st.
Trexler, DavidPrivate355′ 7″LightGreyLightBoot Fitter{Illegable} Court
Vanosten, Alfred B.Private215′ 8 1/2″LightLightLightMachinistHolmesburg, Pa.Refused Oath (Middle initial also seen on documents as “V”)
Vanosten, JosephPrivate205′ 11 1/2″DarkDarkDarkMachinistHolmesburg, Pa.
Vanosten, ThomasPrivate255′ 7″DarkGreyDarkCoach MakerHolmesburg, Pa.Refused Oath
Voke, WilliamPrivate375′ 9 3/4″DarkDarkDarkCarpenter1212 Hope st.Refused Oath
Welsh, MorrisPrivate215′ 8 1/4″DarkDarkDarkDyerSalmon st.Refused Oath
West, JamesPrivate215′ 5 3/4″LightGreySandyCoach MakerHolmesburg, Pa.
Williams, Benjaman F.Private375′ 9 3/4″DarkDarkDarkCarpenterHolmesburg, Pa.
Williams, John M.Private215′ 5 1/2″LightBlueLightCoach MakerHolmesburg, Pa.
Winterbottom, EdwardPrivate235′ 5″DarkGreyDarkSaw Maker2nd st.Refused Oath
Wolfe, CharlesPrivate235′ 7 1/2″LightGreyDarkSail Maker1 Duncan St.