Muster Roll of the Governor’s Rangers

The “Governor’s Rangers” of Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, were assigned Company “B” of the 2nd Pennsylvania Reserves.

The following muster roll is of the first company raised by Captain Patrick McDonough in April-May of 1861. The men who composed this company were eventually discharged and sent home in August of 1861; to be replaced by a new company in late 1861; also recruited by McDonough. This company was made up of men who were primarily river workers (watermen) that made their living from jobs connected to the Delaware River.

Contributor Simon Losinger’s Notes:
1. No muster-out rolls for Companies B, F and G of the 2nd Reserves were on file in the office of the Adjutant General of the State.  As a consequence, the rolls for these companies were chiefly sourced by Samuel P. Bates for his History of the Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-1865 from “Our Campaigns; The Second Regiment Pennsylvania Reserve Volunteers” by Major E. M. Woodward.
2. Samuel P. Bates states in his History of the Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-1865, that Company B, together with Companies F, G, and I, were ordered by General Banks to be disbanded on or about August 16, 1861 “on the ground of their numbers being below the standard of acceptance – all the companies having been greatly reduced by the withdrawal of disaffected men – the officers to be mustered out and the men to be transferred to other companies” (Bates, Vol. 1, page 576).  Bates further states that after being mustered out, Captain Patrick M’Donough raised a fresh company that joined the 2nd Reserves at Camp Pierpont, Va. (possibly mid-October 1861) to become the regiment’s new Company B.
3. Although not explicitly stated by Bates, but based on the dates given for men having mustered into the company, the roll presented in History of the Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-1865 is for the reconstituted Company B.  Bates, however, does not provide the date on which Company B was formally reconstituted.
4. For Company B, Bates does not provide the muster out date(s) for those men who “mustered out upon expiration of term.”  As the 2nd Reserves mustered out of service on June 16, 1864, it would seem reasonable to assume that those men of Company B, who did muster out for the reason that their term of service had been completed, did so on or before June 16, 1864.  
5. For Company B’s men who transferred to the 191st Regiment P. V. to either continue their service beyond their original 3-year term or to complete their term of service, Bates does not provide the date of transfer.  It is noted that May 31, 1864 is the earliest date given by Bates for the transfer to the 191st Regiment by men from other companies of the 2nd Reserves.

McDonough, PatrickCaptain365′ 7 1/2″LightBlueBrownCooper737 S. 68th
Schoch, John D.1st Lieut.235′ 6 1/2″LightBlueLightBrewernear 16 Mead St. (resignation letter stats his address is: 745 S. Front St.)Resigned July 31, 1861. Source: Letter of Resignation, Microfilm Roll for the 2nd P.R.V.C.
Gill, Johbn J.2nd Lieut.405′ 7 1/2″LightBlueAuburnVarnisher121 Senate
Crow, William1st Sergeant255′ 6″LightBlueBrownCarpenter743 S. Front St.
Laird, George B.3rd Sergeant225′ 11″LightBlueLightPlumber515 Washington Av.
Duffy, Thomas4th Sergeant265′ 11″LightBlueLightWaterman214 Union
Erwen, Jacob1st Corporal255′ 8″LightBlueBrownWatermanSpruce above Front.
McBride, Daniel3rd Corporal225′ 6″LightBlueBrownWaterman2nd + Greenwich sts
Edgar Jr., Benjamin F.4th Corporal215′ 5″LightBlueBrownDealer611 S. 3rd St.
Reed, ThomasMusician215′ 4 1/2″LightBlueBrownWaterman5 Newsbit Place
McClain, WilliamMusician235′ 4 1/2″LightHazelBrownNurserymanManmouth Co., NJ
Andrews, GibsonPrivate185′ 10″LightHazelBrownWatermanSycamore St, Camden NJ
Bickerton, CharlesPrivate295′ 6 1/2″LightBlueLightWheelwright126 Almond St.
Bauder, John F.Private185′ 8″LightBlueBrownClerk779 S. Front St.
Barker, SmithPrivate306′ 1 1/2″LightBlueBrownMoulder1225 Marlborough st
Bowen, AlexanderPrivate225′ 6 1/2″LightHazelBrownWaterman15 Annapolis st.
Blair, JohnPrivate175′ 8 1/2″LightHazelBrownPlumber1130 Rodman st.
Basset, SamuelPrivate285′ 8 1/2″LightHazelBrownClerkNew Castle, Indiana
Brawer, WilliamPrivate365′ 9 1/2″DarkBlueBrownWaterman752 S. Front St.
Clark, GavenPrivate275′ 8 1/2″LightHazelBrownLaborer603 Pine St
Casner, William G.Private225′ 6 1/2″LightBlueBrownClerk__ 4th + Christian St.
Cannon, CorneliusPrivate285′ 8 1/2″LightBlueAuburnWaterman743 S. Front St.
Connover, JohnPrivate315′ 5″LightBrownWaterman2nd + Master
Connor, WilliamPrivate255′ 5 1/2″LightHazelBrownWaterman19 Prince (or Prime) St.
Cronin, WilliamPrivate286′ 1″LightBlueBrownWatermanPaul St.
Eastwick, StephenPrivate275′ 5 1/2″LightBlueBrownPlastererGordon ? Geiss Sts?
Ewell, SalamonPrivate195′ 11 1/2″LightHazelLightWaterman126 Cathrine St.
Fogarty, JohnPrivate205′ 9 1/2″LightHazelBrownWatermanWheat & Wharton sts
Grigg, MarkPrivate215′ 8 1/2″LightHazelRedCooper5 Basett Pl
Gogler, ThomasPrivate215′ 6″LightHazelAuburnClerk329 Monroe St
Gallop, WilliamPrivate205′ 6″LightHazelLightWatermanNW Cor Penn + Shippen
Grimes, JohnPrivate235′ 10″LightBlueBrownWatermannear __ 3d St.
Houston, MarcusPrivate266′ 2 1/4″LightHazelAuburnShowmanOrange Co, NY
Halt, SamuelPrivate195′ 7″LightHazelBrownWaterman109 Catherine St
Halt, JacobPrivate225′ 5 1/2″LightBlueBrownWatermanParaham St.
Harvey, JohnPrivate215′ 9″LightBlueBrownWaterman207 Pine st.
Hughes, PatrickPrivate275′ 7″LightBlueLightWheelwright1149 S. 16th St.
King, Adam P.Private255′ 6″LightBlueLightWaterman783 Swanson st.
Lyons, MichaelPrivate215′ 4 1/2″LightHazelBrownWaterman254 Shippen st.
Little John (vice James Ewell who refused.)Corporal265′ 6 1/2″LightHazelBrownCaulker747 S. Front St.
Louden, GeorgePrivate355′ 8 1/2″DarkBlackBlackCordwainer910 Atherton st.
Myers, Dennis (vice William Ewell who refused)Sergeant225′ 9 1/2″LightBlueBrownClerk738 S. 4th St.
Miller, Charels F.Private205′ 6 1/2″LightHazelBrownLithographerMaganessing + Carpenter?
Medary, JohnPrivate315′ 5″LightHazelLightBlacksmith1234 Savery st.
Maxwell, JohnPrivate195′ 5 1/2″LightHazelBrownLaborerrear of 752 S. Front St.
Myers, DanielPrivate315′ 1 1/2″DarkBlackBrownMoulder1035 Franklin St. (Also gave his residence as Mt. Holly, NJ on the recruits roll.)
McDermott, J. P.Private375′ 4 1/2″LightHazelBrownButcher514 Christian st.
McMath, JamesPrivate315′ 8 3/4″DarkBlackBlackCordwainer732 Bedford st.
McBride, JohnPrivate265′ 11″LightBlueBrownWaterman752 S. Front St.
Mooney, TimothyPrivate255′ 5 1/4″LightBlueBrownWaterman743 S. Front St.
Marris, RichardPrivate375′ 6″LightBlueBrownWeaverManayunk
Perkins, EdwardPrivate405′ 4 1/2″DarkBlueBrownWaterman55 Norfolk st.
Patterson, AmosPrivate425′ 6 1/2″LightHazelBrownLawyerCecil Co. Md.
Reed, WilliamPrivate316′ 0″DarkHazelBrownWaterman36 Almond st.
Roney, WilliamPrivate195′ 9″DarkBlueLightWaterman131 Mead st.
Steinmeyer, FredPrivate205′ 11″DarkBlackBrownWatermannear Swanson + Cathrine
Stevenson, CharlesPrivate195′ 7 1/2″LightBlueBrownCooper813 S. Front St.
Spence, JamesPrivate275′ 10″LightHazelBrownWaterman1217 Kemble st.
Spence, GeorgePrivate325′ 6 1/4″LightHazelBrownWaterman1217 Kemble St.
Spence, PeterPrivate245′ 6″LightHazelBrownCordwainer1217 Kemble St.
Teham, MichaelPrivate225′ 8 1/2″LightHazelBrownWatermanSE Cor. Penn & South
Ward, PatrickPrivate195′ 5″LightBlueRedWaterman17 Mead St.
Watson, J. CorneliusPrivate275′ 10″DarkHazelBrownGas FitterAspen st., W. Phila.
Wence, William H.Private295′ 9 1/2″LightBlueBrownLaborer20th + Spruce St.
Weiss, JessiePrivate355′ 10″LightBlackBrownBlacksmithCor. of 1071 Germantown
Wright, WilliamPrivate295′ 6″LightBlueBrownTabacconistCor. of 714 S. Front St.
Young, PhillipPrivate255′ 7 1/2″LightHazelBrownCarpenter2039 Hand st.
Young, JohnPrivate236′ 0″LightBlueBrownCarpenter779 S. Front St.
Hooper, SamuelPrivate275′ 5 1/2″LightHazelBrownDealer133 Cathrine St.
McAleer, John P.Private325′ 7″DarkBlueDarkDealer438 German St.
Higgins, JamesPrivate255′ 9 1/2″LightBlueBrownPainter1333 Rye st.
Ester, JohnPrivate205′ 4 1/2″LightBlueBrownWaterman606 Penn st.
Deihl, JohnPrivate225′ 9 1/4″DarkBlueBrownCooper18 Parham St.
Paler, ClintonPrivate235′ 7″DarkHazelBrownCarver505 S. Second St.
McKernan, JohnPrivate225′ 7″DarkHazelBrownWatermanManayunk