Muster Roll of the Taggart Guards

The “Taggart Guards” of Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania,
were assigned Company “G” of the 2nd Pennsylvania Reserves.

 Replaced with a new Company G from the Lancaster County area sometime in July of 1862.

Contributor Simon Losinger’s Notes:

1. No muster-out rolls for Companies B, F and G of the 2nd Reserves were on file in the office of the Adjutant General of the State.  As a consequence, the rolls for these companies were chiefly sourced by Samuel P. Bates for his History of the Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-1865 from “Our Campaigns; The Second Regiment Pennsylvania Reserve Volunteers” by Major E. M. Woodward.

2. Samuel P. Bates states in his History of the Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-1865, that Company G, together with Companies B, F, and I, were ordered by General Banks to be disbanded on or about August 16, 1861 “on the ground of their numbers being below the standard of acceptance – all the companies having been greatly reduced by the withdrawal of disaffected men – the officers to be mustered out and the men to be transferred to other companies” (Bates, Vol. 1, page 576).

3. Although not explicitly stated by Bates, but based on the dates given for men having mustered into the company, the roll presented in History of the Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-1865 is for the reconstituted Company G.  Bates, however, does not provide the date on which Company G was formally reconstituted.

4. For Company G, Bates does not provide the muster out date(s) for those men who “mustered out upon expiration of term.”  As the 2nd Reserves mustered out of service on June 16, 1864, it would seem reasonable to assume that those men of Company G, who did muster out for the reason that their term of service had been completed, did so on or before June 16, 1864.

5. For Company G’s men who transferred to the 191st Regiment P. V. to either continue their service beyond their original 3-year term or to complete their term of service, Bates does not provide the date of transfer.  It is noted that May 31, 1864 is the earliest date given by Bates for the transfer to the 191st Regiment by men from other companies of the 2nd Reserves.

Woodward, Evan MorrisonCaptain335′ 11 1/2″FairBlueBrownEditorPhiladelphia
Brown, John Kerr1st Lieutenant255/ 11 1/2″FairHazelDarkPilotPhiladelphia
Hoyt, Charles F.2nd Lieutenant445′ 10″FairBlueGreyClerkPhiladelphia
Richardson, Nahmin K.1st Sergeant305′ 5 1/2″FairBlackAuburnCutterPhiladelphia*Refused Oath
Myers, George L.2nd Sergeant235′ 5 1/2″DarkBrownBlackWatchmakerPhiladelphia
Green, William3rd Sergeant215′ 10″LightGreyLightBlacksmithPhiladelphia*Refused Oath
Brittian, George Jones4th Sergeant225′ 4 3/4″LightHazelLightStudentPhiladelphia
Lilly, Edward James1st Corporal225′ 8 1/4″FairBrownBrownBoot FitterPhiladelphia*Refused Oath
Wood, William2nd Corporal225′ 8 1/4″FairBlueLightPattern MakerPhiladelphia*Refused Oath
McConaghy, William Charles3rd Corporal255′ 9″FairBlueBrownBoatmanPhiladelphia*Refused Oath
Blair, Lilly4th Corporal245′ 9″DarkGreyBrownBlacksmithPhiladelphia*Refused Oath
Leti, Georg W.Musician185′ 4 1/2″FairHazelDarkWood EngraverPhiladelphia
White, AndrewMusician195′ 5″FairHazelDarkDriverPhiladelphia*Refused Oath
Atkinson, PhineasPrivate255′ 7″LightHazelLightShoemakerPhiladelphia*Refused Oath
Anderson, George L.Private215′ 6″LightHazelSandyCarpenterPhiladelphia*Refused Oath
Black, WilliamPrivate285′ 10″DarkBlackDarkMoulderPhiladelphia
Bechtel, George F.Private275′ 7″LightGreyLightCarpenterPhiladelphia*Refused Oath
Brower, HarryPrivate185′ 7 1/2″LightBlueLightClerkPhiladelphia
Brooks, ThomasPrivate225′ 6 1/2″DarkBrownBrownDriverPhiladelphia*Refused Oath
Beam, Jacob S.Private345′ 8 1/2″DarkBrownBlackTailorPhiladelphia*Refused Oath
Burns, Thomas G.Private285′ 7 1/2″DarkGreyDarkFarmerPhiladelphia
Butland, CharlesPrivate195′ 5 1/2″DarkHazelBlackFarmerPhiladelphia*Refused Oath
Carey, Andrew W.Private215′ 6″FairBlueDarkDentistPhiladelphia*Refused Oath
Collville, DavidPrivate245′ 9 1/2″DarkDarkDarkBricklayerPhiladelphia
Currry, William H.Private215′ 8 1/4″LightBlueLightFarmerPhiladelphia*Refused Oath
Cope, MorrisPrivate215′ 7 1/4″FairBrownFairTailorPhiladelphia
Dicksinson, BenjaminPrivate226′ 0″LightBlueLightTeamsterPhiladelphia
Ernst, Joseph S.Private205′ 6 1/2″FairBlackBrownTailorPhiladelphia*Refused Oath
Emmons, ReddingPrivate375′ 7 1/4″DarkHazelDarkCoachmanPhiladelphia*Refused Oath
Farley, William S.Private195′ 7″LightBlueSandyCoachmanPhiladelphia*Refused Oath
Foster, SamuelPrivate265′ 8″FairBrownLightBridgebuilderPhiladelphia*Refused Oath
Forman, JacksonPrivate295′ 9 1/2″DarkBlueDarkLaborerPhiladelphia*Refused Oath
Franklin, HenryPrivate365′ 5′ 3/4″SandyGreySandyWheelwrightPhiladelphia*Refused Oath
Gouldy, Thomas H.Private185′ 7 1/4″LightBrownLightGrocerPhiladelphia
Hines, EleazerPrivate215′ 8 1/2″FairHazelDarkShoemakerPhiladelphia*Refused Oath
Haas, ElwoodPrivate205′ 5 3/4″FairGreyLightShoemakerPhiladelphia
Humes, ThomasPrivate215′ 5 3/4″FairGreyLightBookbinderPhiladelphia*Refused Oath
Hill, John W.Private225′ 11 1/4″DarkBrownBrownMoulderPhiladelphia*Refused Oath
Hunkel, David M.Private225′ 9″FairHazelBrownWaiterPhiladelphia*Refused Oath
Kincade, JamesPrivate305′ 10 1/2″FairBlueDarkRail RoaderPhiladelphia*Refused Oath
Kelly, JohnPrivate215′ 6″FairBlueAuburnBoatmanPhiladelphia*Refused Oath
Kline, George W.Private205′ 7 1/2″DarkBrownBrownPlumberPhiladelphia*Refused Oath
Kimball, FerdinandPrivate205′ 5 1/2″LightBlueLightWood CarverPhiladelphia*Refused Oath
Ketler, Charles F.Private265′ 7 1/2″FairBlueLightTinsmithPhiladelphia
Lilly, Samuel W.Private205′ 10 1/2″FairHazelBrownFactory WorkerPhiladelphia*Refused Oath
Lindsay, JamesPrivate325′ 5 1/2″LightGreyLightCarpenterPhiladelphia*Refused Oath
Lachland, WilliamPrivate255′ 6″DarkBlueBrownPrinterPhiladelphia*Refused Oath (Enlisted in Co. I, 91st P.V., under the name of James Howard.)
Lanisson, EdwardPrivate225′ 8 1/4″DarkBlueBrownMoulderPhiladelphia*Refused Oath
Loan, JohnPrivate225′ 8 1/2″FairBlueBrownPrinterPhiladelphia*Refused Oath
McCue, JosephPrivate205′ 7 1/2″FairBlueBrownCart DriverPhiladelphia*Refused Oath
Moody, William H.Private215′ 7″DarkBrownBrownShoemakerPhiladelphia*Refused Oath
McMullen, Isaac L.Private195′ 6″DarkBlackBlackClerkPhiladelphia*Refused Oath
McVaugh, Edmund F.Private195′ 6 1/2″FairBlueLightFarmerPhiladelphia*Refused Oath
McCormack, TimothyPrivate225′ 9 1/2″FairBlueBrownDriverPhiladelphia*Refused Oath
McGegan, MichaelPrivate225′ 6 3/4″DarkGreyBlackBoatmanPhiladelphia*Refused Oath
McFarland, John P.Private195′ 5 /12″SandyBlueLightBoatmanPhiladelphia*Refused Oath
Nicholson, ThomasPrivate255′ 10″SandyLightLightCarpenterPhiladelphia*Refused Oath
Nagle, JohnPrivate205′ 9″FairBlueBrownFarmerPhiladelphia*Refused Oath
O’Neill, EdwardPrivate215′ 6 3/4″FairBrownBrownDriverPhiladelphia*Refused Oath
Ogden, WilliamPrivate185′ 8 1/4″FairBrownBrownSilver SmithPhiladelphia*Refused Oath
Porter, ThomasPrivate225′ 7″DarkBlueLightFarmerPhiladelphia
Perkins, FrederickPrivate255′ 6 1/4″DarkBlackBlackDriverPhiladelphia*Refused Oath
Rose, William H.Private245′ 8 1/2″FairBlueLightCarterPhiladelphia*Refused Oath
Retchel, JonathanPrivate225′ 7 3/4″FairBlueLightCarterPhiladelphia
Rogers, CharlesPrivate195′ 8 1/4″DarkHazelDarkCarterPhiladelphia*Refused Oath
Roe, James P.Private255′ 5″SandyBlueLightCarpenterPhiladelphia
Ramsey, WilliamPrivate195′ 8 1/4″FairBlueLightFarmerPhiladelphia*Refused Oath
Ryan, AndrewPrivate195′ 8 1/4″FairBlueLightHatterPhiladelphia
Scrubshall, GeorgePrivate245′ 7 1/4″FairHazelDarkShoemakerPhiladelphia*Refused Oath
Shaw, FrederickPrivate215′ 10″LightBlueLightLaborerPhiladelphia*Refused Oath
Strain, Hugh J.Private185′ 5″DarkBlueDarkDriverPhiladelphia*Refused Oath
Toland, AndrewPrivate235′ 6 3/4″DarkGreyBrownBlacksmithPhiladelphia*Refused Oath
Wilson, JosephPrivate195′ 8″DarkGreyDarkBlacksmithPhiladelphia*Refused Oath
Wilkins, William P.Private305′ 10″SandyBlueSandyBartenderPhiladelphia
Walters, Thomas F.Private205′ 8″FairHazelBrownStudentPhiladelphia*Refused Oath