Service Revolver of Lt. Col. John Frederick Gaul, 4th Pennsylvania Reserves

This service revolver (.36 Colt Navy) is shared with us by way of Benjamin Budde, the owner of the piece. This revolver no doubt was presented to Gaul during his short stint as Lieutenant Colonel in the 4th Regiment, most likely at Camp Pierpont. Gaul was discharged in February 1862 by special order, some believed his discharge was linked to the new commanding officer’s attempt to make room for his friends to fill pertinent posts. Gaul returned to Philadelphia afterwards, and then traveled to Forest County where he attempted to raise a regiment. Thank you kindly to Mr. Budde for sharing this significant artifact belonging to Lt. Col. Gaul.

Left to Right: Major Robert McClure and Lieutenant Colonel John F. Gaul, 4th Regiment, Pennsylvania Reserves. Source: The Marchetti Collection