Letter from Robert M. McClure, Dated July 22, 1863, from Alexandria, Va.

Alexandria, Va.
July 22nd, 1863

Dear Friend,

I wrote you some time since but as yet have received no reply since then Currey rec’d a letter from you stating you had rec’d none from me[,] this is strange as I directed to Marien[,] Forset Co. which was [,] I believed[,] your proper address.  I am here on Special Duty for the Government [,] the nature of which I may at some future time give  you _____ (but for the present I am not at liberty to state[.])  I was out to the old Reserves here at Upton’s Hill a week ago yesterday [,] the officers are Lt. Col. (not commissioned) Woolworth[,] Adjt. Lt. Pennypacker[,] Q. M. Brothers, Co. A. Lt. Riddle (on duty,) Shoenwald dismissed by Magilton, Pilkington Resigned.  Co B Conrad, St. John + Blundin all discharged by Magilton and reinstated by the President.  Co. C. Kimball + Hill discharged by Magilton[,] Richie on duty with them.  Co. D., Capt. “Bess”[ Besslelievre] in Phila., Bussier at the Convalescent Camp in the city.  Lt. Waites in command.  Co. E Burger arm lost  and at home.  No other officers, F. Shoemaker on duty and Lt. Horn.  Co. G Old Tapper all right on duty assisted by Joe Kimes apt. Lt by Magilton.  H. Gates foot off and home.  Lt. Sweet in command.  Co. I Lt. Davis on duty Chance (I believe) in Philadelphia.  Co. K Capt. Christman + Lt. Evans on duty[,] Frank Wilson A.A.A. Genl for Sickel, now in command of the Division, the Regt has 183 men for duty.  Phillips is with them, quite well, he sends his regards to you and wishes Magilton was in hell and we were all back in “Log Hall” again. 

Derrie{?} Dick is off on a “French.”  I suppose you know that Magilton resigned to save himself from Court Martial on charges of going too far to the front of the rear in all the battles.  No one regrets his retirement.  All the boys asked about you and now wish they had you and me back again.  You know Magilton appointed Lt. Col. Woolworth + Lts Wilson Keen (of G) and Davis the 1st Sgt of K but the Government will not commission them because they were not elected and Paymaster Ball (of Erie Co.) will not pay them until they get them.  A. G. Curtin told me he never would Commission either of them, so you will see he has got them into trouble.  Harry Williams is still in the ___ Claim himself he says he is doing well.  Old Coney[,] Kinder, Fisher and the other old stock are doing about as where you left.  There is about a foot of snow here and the people are enjoying good sleighing.  Dick Parker, Frank and _____ are performing here at Liberty Hall.  Sallie + Harry requested me when I wrote to you to be sure and remember them to you, they are both quite well and attend school daily.  All the Hotels in the city are closed.  The Military Gov. Genl Slough refusing to let them sell liquor  to citizens, officers or soldiers.  It is a hard matter to “show cause” as we used to did “in Log Hall” do not fail to write to me by return of mail.  Send my next will contain something that you will be surprised at about W. H. Williams.  Truly Your Friend

Robt. M. McClure

From the Alexandria News.

Direct to me at { King & Royal Streets