Camp Pierpont, November 9, 1861

Nov. 9th
Headquarters Langly,
6th Reg’t Co. G Camp Pier point 1861

Friend George,

I have not received a letter from you for three weeks. Why is it that you do not write to me. but it may be that your letter was lost, our mail was lost for Three dayes, it may be that I will get it yet.

George did you get my likeness. I send it, to you, in a letter, it was a poor, one. & Further I must, tell you that I am well & money plenty & plenty to Eat & Drink. & Further I – I must tell you about the Fight Last Week. We lost Seven Hundred & Seventy Three men. 7:73 and the Enemy lost about, one Hundred & fifty 150 they cut up a Whol Regiment. the Regiment was from Main, it was, one of the best Regiments in the the battle field. They hat bin on picket & fell in Hands of about Ten Thousand Rebels = the fight was about Thirty miles from our camp. The news came to the Camps, & they hat orders to Rush Sixty Thousand Men to help the Regiment but when they got their – the Enemy hat left. I did not go, out, to the battle their is no telling how Soon their will be a large battle. I would like to hear from my bolt Fredrick & wife I would like to know how, it, is about the Baby. if he has not Started one yet Why. I will be home in a Short time & I will help him. I have now Seventeen Started in Virginia I have not given them names yet but, one I will name Jeff Davis – one I am going to name after you George Washington. I have to Stop Writing – for it, is Raining like hell & news is Scarce I will Write to you – in about Three Weeks

Agan times is dull give me all the news When you Write to me – The Manada Furnace Boyes ar in the State of Maryland They ar about fifty miles from us —– no more at present.

Your Brother
Sargt. Wm. Fitting
6th Regiment
Company G
Washington D. C.

care [of]
Capt. Reher
(Four page letter. At the top of the first page it says “ONWARD TO VICTORY” and there is a picture of a lady holding the Union flag and standing on a cannon ball. On each side of her are years, the left side is 1776 and the right side is 1861)