Catlett’s Station, April 25, 1862

Camp Near Catlett Station VA 
April 25 / 62

Friend George I take this opportunity to Inform you that I am Still in the land of the liveing yet, & hope to remain their for Som time. George I Receivd your letter Wednesday Evening and was glad to hear from you that you ar all well. I Expect you want to know Some thing about the Woar, I Expect you get the news Daily. We have drove the Rebels in front of us for the Last Three Weeks but they will not Stand the fire. We have now run the dam Rebels out of their homes they hat & we will run them to Hell Next or Som other Sea Port.

George I am Writing this letter on Board of the Steamer George Washington. We ar going up the Rappahannock River our Destination is for York Town. Their We will make them fight or give up their Guns. We have fine times here. the Wether is fine here & woarm, I saw John Rimeart last Week & he is well. But he is mad they have to gard the Rail Road from Manasses to Catlett Station and he told me they hat nothing to Eat but Salty Pork & Crackers but he told me he would kill the first Sheep or Pig he gets his Eye on. They have a poor Regiment, their officers ar Drunk one half of their time. So you can Judge for your Self. I have not Seen Earlys boyes yet, but I Expect to See them

Every day. They ar about five miles from our Camp. I do not know how they ar geting along. George I must tell you that I Saw the House that Jos. B. Early hat his Winter quarters he is a Brig= Genel= in the Rebel Army. George I wish you would find out Wether it is him or not, ,Moses, Early might tell you. their was a Virginia farmer told me that he spoke to a Brigadier General by that name. And he took me to the house. Wheir he hat his Winter Quarters. he is now at York town George I want you to write Soon & give me all the news it takes one Week before we get the mail from your plase. no more at present but Write Soon & give all the news.

You must Send your letter to Washington D.C. We have no office here.

Your friend
Wm. Fitting
6th Regt. P.R.V.C.
Company G
Washington D.C.
(Four page letter, written in ink. There is a small hole in the top of pages one and two.)