Camp Pierpont, December 23, 1861

Head-Quarters 6th Pennsylvania Regiment Co. G
Camp Peir Point
Dec. -23d 1861

Friend George

I take this opportunity to let you know that I am well at present & hope this will find you all the same. & further I let you know that we hat a small Fight on Friday after Noon. our regiment was in the fight. Their was about Ten Thousand Engaged in the fight. We lost in our Company one man. His name was Smith In the Regiment, we lost about 36.) men. in all, The fight was at Drainesville, about fifteen miles from our Camp. I did not get to the Battle field till the Battle was over. I left our Camp In the after noon for the Battle field. I wrote fifteen miles in about 3/4 of an hour. I got to the Battle field at (4) o”clock but when I got their the Battle was over I got off my horse & Took my Gun, & then marched in among the dead. Their was about Three Hundred lying dead in the field (264) Rebels & 36 of our men. Som of them hat their Heads bload off with Canons Balls & Som of them hat no legs & Som no A–. you cant form an Idea how it did look it was one awefull Sight to See, Some of the Dam Rebels was peaying like Hell before they died but the boyes did give them Hell this time. We got to Camp that night at 10 o”clock, We hat as meneye Blankets & Over Coats & Guns & Sords & Etc. As We could bring along to Camp. Some of the ,Rebels, hat as high as a Thousand Dollars in their Pockets in their money and that is not of much account. I have Three over coats. I wish you hat Two of them at home. I have more then I want. George if I was to give you all the news of this Battle, it Would take me one ,Week, I will give you the news when I get home. George I wish you could be in our Camp on Christmas We have a Turkey that We Stole about Three Weeks ago & the Regiment is going to Roast a large Stear that Will Weigh about 11=00 lbs. We Will Have a fine time. We have good Winter Quarters Now good Stoves & plenty to Eat & Drink but they can not all Say So.

George I hat Som Notion to come home on Christmas but it is most to Soon yet I think I will not be home not till I get to See another Battle. George, I Saw young Rimehart from Linglestown and young Hicks. They ar in the 12th Regiment P. R. V. C. they ar all well and Sends their best Respects to you. George do you get my papers, that I Send you. no more at Present.

Write Soon. Excuse bad Writing (Bill)
(Four page letter, the paper is edged in blue and red. The letter is written in pencil.)