Camp Pierpont, January 8, 1862

Camp Peir Point Jan 8th/62

Friend George
I take this opportunity to let you know that I am well at present & hope this will find you all the same I Received your kind letter last ,Week, & was glad to hear from home. & further I Must give you the Woar news., their is nothing of Important going oan, at present but, I think their will be a fight in less then ten dayes for Gen McClellen Said that This Woar has got to End till Spring for it Costs the Goverment daily Two Million of Dollars. I tell you their will be one awful Tax to be paid to make up all this money. George I have know news to give you this time but you can look for me to be home this Pay-day – they ar going to pay off the men next ,Week, then I will be home but not, to Stay I am going to Stant to the Stars and Stripes till this Woar is over George I would have bin home before this but I would like to be in the Service one year before I come home — their is so meny Married men that want to get home to See their Wiefs & Children & We Want to give them the first opportunity I must tell you how kind Mr. John Martin is geting. last night young Barst from Union Deposit Receivd a Box of Cakes & pies etc. & Martin he hat a letter in the box for me. it was Wrote in this manner, William I Want you to Write to me & give me your address for we have a large Box of Pies & Cakes & Chickens, & Pudding etc. that We Want to Send to you do not fail to Write to me Soon & let me Know how to Direct the Box –. I Say Bulley for John Martin, I think he must be geting rich I would Send for the Box but I am afraid that they Might Say that I hat nothing to Eat in Camp & I know that Would be a dam Lye – for I plenty to Eat & Drink. George you hat a fiew lines in your letter from ,Mother, about not Writing Sooner & more, I tell you that one half of the time I do not think of Home & the other half We Sleep & Eat & agan I think that When I do Write you ar rather Slow In Writing to me. tell mother that I will be home Soon and I will give you all the news. no more at Present

Your Brother

Mr. J.V. Cammeron from Middletown Pa Was out in Camp to Se us he looks Well & Samuel Mummau from Highspire he staid With me all night in my tent & we hat a fine time.
Your Brother (Bill)

Write Soon
I Send you a paper this ,Week, by mail –
(Four page letter, written in ink. The first page has a USA flag along the left side of the paper.)