Camp Pierpont, March 1, 1862

Head-Quarters 6th Pennsylvania Regiment Co. G. 
Camp Pier Point
March 1st 1862

Friend George

I received your letter last Night & was glad to hear from home. This was the first letter that I receivd from you in Three Weeks. I would have Wrote to you Sooner But I hat Some Notion of Coming home Soon, but their Is no Show at Present We Have orders to have Every Thing Packed up & get ready for a March We Will take Manasses this time & that Will Ent the Woar. on the Rebel Side, that is their Strongest Poast that they hold yet.

George I have not time to Write much to you this time but I wish you could hear the Boyes Yelling in Camp & the Band Playing oh – We have a grand time here We all Expect to be home agan the 4th July. George I was told that Jos. B. Early was in the Rebel Army if he is we will give Him a fiewe hart Pills. that will do him good how is my Bolt Fredrick geting along & his Wife. young Ben. Early told me that Jos. B. Early is a Brig= General under Jeff Davis he was in the fight at Bull Run he hat charge of ,5000, Rebels – We Will give him hell if we get to See him. George tell (P Abraham), If he will come to Washington I will pay all the Exspences. I will Send the Money to him, if he will come, he could See more in one half hour then he Ever saw in his life time. I will have to bring my letter to a close for it is time to go to Bed the Wether is fine here. We have no Snow here, but Plenty of Rain. George if we will not move I will be home Soon & if We March it will be Impossible for me to get Home for a Short time. George do you get my papers that I Send to you. no more at present. Write Soon & give me all the news.

Your etc
Wm. Fitting
(Four page letter, written in pencil. Only three of the pages have writing on them. The paper is edged in red and blue.)