Camp Pierpont, November 19, 1861

Headquarters 6th Regt. Co. G
Camp Pier Point 1861
Nov 19th

Friend George

Dear Sir, I take this opportunity to let you no that I am Still in the land of the living, & am getting along fine. I received a letter from you last ,week, & was glad to hear from you. & Further I let you no that I hat Intented to come home Soon, but I think I will come home before Jenuary, & then I will Stay for about Three Weeks, I do not feel like coming home yet, it is rather Soon yet. I have fine times here to-day I was out to help, to Hunt som Rebels, but We did not find Eny. We hat no fight of late, We Just got orders, to get rashings for Four dayes — march. the orders is this. that Sixty Thousand men ar to march to Morrow morning at five o”clock to take leesburg it is a fine Town Their is about Twenty five Hundred Houses in that place. It will cost more then one life. I would like to go along with the party but I will have to Stay at home to take care of Som goods – George I wish you could See the army that is in the field. I tell you it is the right Stripe for the times. This morning I saw five Thousand Horse Men drill, Oh = George you aught to See them drill etc. George you will get a paper I send on this day by mail I have no news this time of Important. I will write to you after the Town of Leesburg is taken, & then I can give you more news. Tell Mr. Cline that I am geting along fine & hope he is the same. Tell him That we have not as much Whiskey here as we hat in Linglestown & I think it is all for the better George I Baught a pair of Gum Boots this ,Week, that cost me Ten dollars they come up to my a– you no what I mean- We have a Store in our Regiment. We can get Enathing we want. George you have to Excuse bad Writing & Spelling this letter I wrote it in about one c.- for I have to get the rashings for the men to march to night I have no time to Spare. I have to Weigh about Three tons of pork

For the army no more at present. Write Soon

Your Friend
Wm. Fitting
6th Regiment
P. R. V. C.
Washington, D. C.
(Four page letter, lined. The first page has a picture of a woman holding the USA flag.)