Camp Pierpont, October 14, 1861

Camp Peir Point Oct 14th 61
Fairfax Co., VA

Friend George

Dear Sir, I take this opportunity to let you know that I am Still alive yet & do not Expect to get Killed in this woar I got this likeness taken this morning and he could not take a good one. it ruined like forty but I will get one taken when I get to Washington. We ar now Ten miles from the City of Washington. this likeness I got, taken, in the State of Virginia, one mile from the Enemys Camp it was taken in the Woods over

We hat no fight this ,Week, yet but the boyes look for one Every day. Their will be, one hell of a fight, one of thoes dayes but let them rip = Our Company G & Company F ar out on picket. I Expect they will bring Som good news in when they come from the field of the Enemy. George, dount you wish you hat a pair of Whiskers & Mastash like mine. I will show you a pair of Whiskers when I get home – I have no news for you this time I want you to write to me, as Soon as you get this. I will rewrite to you when when I get more news. no more at present.

Your Brother
Sargt. W. Fitting
6th Regiment
P. R. V. C. Co. G.

(Two page letter. Picture of a soldier holding the USA flag on from left corner of paper. Underneath is written, “The Spirit of ‘76 Revived”)