Camp Tennally, September 16, 1861

Sep 16/61,
Camp Tennelly

Friend George
I take this opportunity to let you no that I am well at present, & further I let you no that the boyes hat a fight lasts week they shot 81= men of the Enemy they ar fine looking men I tell you the Enemy has Som fine looking men in the Battle field I Saw about Ten Thousand, last Week, & our force got after them, but they did not get one man. they Run like Hell, George I hat to take the pencil to Write this morning–over

The Capt. Reher Broke the Ink Bottle, it fell off the Desk, that is a mate of a Trunk, that is the kind of a Desk we use. We have Three miles to the Store I Bot a Chicken last ,Week, & I hat to pay 3 0 (?) & 1/2 cts. for it. I Bought a 1(?) lb Butter & I payd 45 cts a lb & it was as Strong as Hell — We have plenty of Watter mellons here. I got Sick Eating the dam mellons I was Sick for about Three dayes. I am as as harty as a Bull Dog. We have fine times, Plenty to Eat & Drink & no ,Work,. Our 2nd Lieutenant we ar going to Send home next ,Week for geting drunk, his name is John Yentzer the Major Would not have him in our Regiment. he is a married man he has a Family of five children he is from Middletown Pa. he got a Hundred and Forty Dollars a month. Last night their was Three Regiments of Horse men came to over Washington In Each Regiment has One Thousand men & Horses, Their Was Three Thousand in one line O. I tell you it was a Splentid Sight – They ar from California and fine looking men they ar. George do you Ever receive Any Papers I have Send you Som. I Send Som last ,Week, George I gess I have to Stop writing for I have to go to Dinner We Expect to here of a hart fight in about a ,Week I Would like to See a good fight. George, if you write give me all the news I got a fine lot of cakes from Mrs. Ramler last Week & I got a Box of cakes from Harrisburgh O, I live fine, Some of the boyes Say, Why the Hell is it that ,Fitting, gets all the cakes and we get nun- no more at present I will write after the boyes get in a goode Fight & win the Battle. Write Soon

Wm Fitting 6th Regiment
P. R. V. Co. G

(Four page letter, only three pages are used, however. At the top of the first page is a picture of a woman by the flag, which says “For the Union.” Next to the picture is a seal and under it says, “California.”)