Date Unknown, After June 1862

To Draft the men that is If the will not Enlist. You will find that to be the Case Before long – But they can onely take one young man out of a family So you ar all right you can tell them that you have one fighting Brother In the army now. You Will See Some fun among Some of the Country Jakes They have to go to Woar in Spite of Hell – let them be Rich or Poor and that is what I would like to See. Geo. tell Abrh that he Would better go as a Capt. of a Company I think he would like it over the left. George dount you be fool Enoft to Enlist if I hat Fifty Brothers I would not advise one man to Enlist in a Cause of this kind for this Woar might have bin Settled Long a go But their is a party that Want to Make a little more money Before they Bring it to a Close. but let them Rip – I am Satisfied. George – to day the Rebels have bin fireing on our Steam Boats they killed five of our men. The Rebels ar about Three & a half mile from our camp But the ar afraid to attact us & We ar afraid to Attact them. Our officers Say that the Rebel Privets in ranks was all Drunk in all the fights – And the Rebel officers Say Our Privets in Ranks was all Sober But the Officers of the Yankee Army was all Drunk. So the Rebels got the Joke on our Officers. Well I gess I have to bring my letter to an Ent.——–Tell Mary to Write to me & when I come home I will bring her a fine looking young officer, along.

Write soon & give my best
Respects to all,
Wm. Fitting
6th Regiment P. R. C.
In Care of Capt. Reher
Company G
McCall’s (Division)
Washington, D.C.

George their is Some talk of Stoping all the letters from this Point. they Say that the men Write Home Such Bad news that Thoes nat home get Discouraged and Will not Enlist – So it might be that you will not receive a letter from me for Some time, but they will not Stop letters that ar Send to us from home or Eny other place. But they will not let us Send them home Because they no their is dam little good news that is Send home.

Your Broth

George Burn this letter after you read it. (Young Ben Early from Palmyra Pa. was Shot in his hip – In the Battle before Richmond he will get over it. I saw him to day He sayes he will give them Hell the next time.

(Four page letter, written in ink on blue-lined paper. Page one has a brown stain at the top.)