Muster Rolls

CompanyKnown AsRecruited From
Company ACarlisle FenciblesCarlisle, Cumberland Co., Pa.
Company BBiddle RiflesLiverpool, Perry Co., Pa.
Company CIron ArtilleristsLebanon, Lebanon Co., Pa.
Company DRifle Guards of Lock HavenLock Haven, Clinton Co., Pa.
Company ERidgway GuardsCity of Philadelphia, Pa.
Company FWyoming Bank InfantryWilkes-Barre, Luzerne Co., Pa.
Company G2nd Philadelphia GuardsCity of Philadelphia, Pa.
Company HCumberland GuardsMechanicsburg, Cumberland Co., Pa.
Company IMyerstown RiflesBerks & Lebanon Co., Pa.
Company KDouglas GuardsCity of Philadelphia, Pa.
Field & Staff
Regimental Band
Unassigned Men