The Biddle Rifles

The Biddle Rifles were from Perry County, Pennsylvania.  The company, at this point only referred to as “the Liverpool company”, was organized in Liverpool through the later part of April 1861, being officially reported as “organized” on May 4.  The gentleman behind the recruitment of this company was George K. Scholl, a veteran of the Mexican War who was living in Liverpool and working as a painter.  Scholl seems to have been the self appointed Captain of the company until it made its way to Camp Curtin, in Harrisburg.  It was at this camp of instruction where the company was christened, the “Biddle Rifles” named in honor of Adjutant General E. M. Biddle, who it appears used his influence in assisting the company in being permitted into the camp.  Shortly after going into camp, an official election was held for it’s officers.  Surprisingly, Scholl was not elected Captain, instead he was elected First Lieutenant, and John Jameson was given the command of the company.

Post election, a medical inspection was performed on the members of this company by Dr. John T. Carpenter, and sworn into state service by Capt. Henry A. Scheetz, the mustering officer for the Pa. Reserves at Camp Curtin.

The Biddle Rifles, along with a few other companies, were shifted to a different camp of instruction on June 7.  On that day, they arrived at Camp Wayne, in Chester County.  The company was absorbed into a regiment that organized there on June 27, which became the 7th Regiment of the Pennsylvania Reserve Corps.  They were assigned “Company B,” and would continue to serve throughout the war in this regiment.  By the end of the war, the muster roll of this company would number 110 officers and men.

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The Origin of the Biddle Rifles of Perry County

This origin of the company known as the Biddle Rifles of Perry County only covers from the time they were organized until the point where they arrived at Camp Curtin in Harrisburg.

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