Letter from William H. Diffenbach, from Camp Pierpont, December 15, 1861

Camp Pierpont
Dec 15th

J.R. Simpson 

Yours came to hand and was read with pleasure and on this holy Sabath day I take my seat to answer it. Last night as I reclined on my virtuous couch folded so lovingly in the arms of Morpheus I drempt of times gone by when all was peace and tranquillity and when I awoke – Horror of Horrors – I was lying in the tented field within five miles of the camps of the enemy of our county. And my β€œred” right hand besmeared with what ink I have actually upset my ink stand and that must account for the shortness of this letter. 

You speak of pretty girls, and of retreating to their presence. Now you may call it what you will, I do believe that there is not one soldier in the army, but would sooner make such a retreat just now than advance. 

I received two or three or perhaps more copies of the Philadelphia Enquirer but there was no name on the papers to show me who they were from. You will please accept my thanks for them. However, we get the Enquirer and Prep here every morn and the Borough papers on any other. I should be happy to receive occasionally, if it is not infringing on the old adage of beggars not being choosers, you will please excuse me for not writing this with ink, I shall try to make amends after my foot gets well. Thankful for past favors and hoping to return them with interest in the future. 

I remain yours and C

W.H. Diffenbach1

  1. Letter supplied to us from the collection of Chris Rasmussen and transcribed by Brendon Stead.