The Pennsylvania Reserves8th Pennsylvania Reserves (Infantry)

The Eighth Pennsylvania Reserves (Infantry)

The Eighth Reserve Regiment was formed from companies recruited for the three months’ service, but not accepted, which had rendezvoused at Camp Wright, twelve miles above Pittsburg, on the Allegheny River. Forty-three companies were here assembled, of which only those belonging to the Erie Regiment had a regimental organization. The camp was under the command of Colonel John W. McLane, was pleasantly located, and kept in a neat and healthy condition…Read More


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Daniel Eberly, 8th Pennsylvania Reserves

Note: No "Daniel Eberly" can be found on any of the rolls as being Chaplain in the 8th Pennsylvania Reserves. Furthermore, Chaplain...

Gilbert L. Eberhart, 8th Pennsylvania Reserves

Major Gilbert L Eberhart is descended on his father's side from a noble German family, with ancestors who came to this country in 1758,...

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