Muster Roll of the Field & Staff, 8th Pennsylvania Reserves

The Field & Staff Officers of the 8th Pennsylvania Reserves.

Hays, George S.ColonelApril 17, 1861Promoted from Captain Company C, June 28, 1861; resigned July 11, 1862
Baily, Silas MiltonColonelJune 20, 1861Wounded at Gaines’ Mill, June 27, 1862; promoted from Captain Company I to Major, June 4, 1862; to Colonel, March 1, 1863; to brevet Brigadier General, March 13, 1865; mustered out with Regiment, May 24, 1864
Oliphant, Samuel DuncanLieutenant ColonelApril 24, 1861Promoted from Captain, Company G., June 28, 1861; resigned December 29, 1862
Lemon, WilliamLieutenant ColonelApril 30, 1861Wounded at Fredericksburg, December 12, 1862; promoted from Captain, Company H, March 10, 1863; mustered out with Regiment, May 24, 1864. Note: According to descendant Ellen M. Higgins, Lt. Col. Lemon, after his service in the 8th Reserves; joined the U.S. Navy, in which he served until being killed in action at the Battle of Fort Fisher on January 15th, 1865.Information from Descendant, Ellen M. Higgins
Duncan, John W.MajorApril, 1861Promoted from Captain, Company E, June 22, 1861; resigned November 21, 1861
Gardner, Jesse B.MajorApril 24, 1861Promoted from Captain, Company G, December 7, 1861; dismissed May 23, 1862
Johnston, Robert E.MajorJune 25, 1861Promoted from Captain, Company B, March 10, 1863; resigned September 16, 1863
Gallupe, George SheldonMajorApril 17, 1861Promoted from Captain, Company C., November 2, 1863; mustered out with Regiment, May 24, 1864
Patterson, H. W.AdjutantApril 24, 1861Promoted from 2d Lt., Company G, to Adjutant, July, 1861; to 1st Lt. 4th U. S. Infantry, June 29, 1862
Wetter, HenryAdjutantApril 30, 1861Promoted from 2d Lt., Company H, May 20, 1862; wounded at Charles City Cross Roads, June 30, 1862, and at Thoroughfare Gap, with loss of leg, August 18,1862; resigned December 28, 1863
Swearengen, J. G.AdjutantJune 21, 1861Promoted from Sergeant, Company D, December 14, 1862; resigned January 6, 1864
Smith, Abraham WilsonAdjutantSeptember 1, 1861Promoted from private, Company A. to Sergeant Major, July 5, 1862; toAdjutant, February 8, 1864; mustered out with Regiment, May 24, 1864
Inghram, James LindseyAdjutantJune 13, 1861Promoted from Sergeant, Company I, to 2d Lt and Adjutant, October 1, 1862, not mustered; killed at Fredericksburg, December 13, 1862
Jacobs, Jr., AdamQuartermasterJuly 29, 1861Enlisted as 1st Lieutenant, and appointed Quarter Master, Augsut 1, 1861; Resigned, January 7, 1862.
Charles S. LucasQuartermasterJuly 29, 1861Enlisted as 2nd Lieutenant, Company I, and Detached for Duty as Quartermaster, May 1, 1862; Resigned, October 3, 1862.
Eberhart, Gilbert LeanderQuartermasterJuly 29, 1861Enlisted as Commissary Sergeant, July 29, 1861; to Quarter Master,July 1, 1862; mustered out with Regiment, May 24, 1864
Lichtenthaler, Henry AlbertSurgeonJune 22, 1861Resigned March 11, 1862. Full name supplied by descendant, Susan Kolb, according to Bates’ “History of PA Volunteers”, his surname was spelled “Lightenthaler”.See burial plot on, maintained by his descendant, Susan Kolb.
Neff, Henry K.SurgeonJune 22, 1861Promoted from Assistant Surgeon, March 28, 1862; dismissed June 10, 1/862
Jones, ThomasSurgeonSeptember 20, 1862Killed, friendly fire incident, May 15, 1864. “On the evening of the 14th, a body of the enemy s cavalry, commanded by Colonel Rosser, entered the hospitals and removed all the Confederate wounded who could walk, about eighty in number, and also all stragglers and hospital attendants who wore no distinctive badge. The soldiers of this squadron carried off the greater part of the rations left for the wounded – As soon as these facts were reported, a regiment of the Second Corps was sent to drive oft the marauders, who had gone, however, before our troops arrived. Surgeon Thomas Jones, 8th Pennsylvania Reserves, who had been left with the wounded in the Fifth Corps hospital, was killed by one of the men of this regiment, who, in the darkness, supposed him to be a guerilla. Additional rations were left with the wounded, and the regiment withdrawn about noon on the 15th, following the Second Corps, which had moved still father to the left.” – The Medical and Surgical History of the War of the Rebellion, (1861-65). Volume 1, pg. 155 of appended documents. “It is here necessary to record a most shocking and lamentable occurrence, the circumstances attending which I reported at the time. On the afternoon of the 14th, Dr. Harrington sent a messenger to the General, announcing that the enemy’s cavalry had appeared and were overrunning our hospitals. The General directed Major General Gibbon to send an infantry force for protection, and I was ordered to accompany and pilot them. On arriving at the Fifth Corps hospital, the attendants announced that the enemy had just left, and that they could scarcely be out of sight. Just then one of the attendants said, pointing out a horse tied to a post, there is the horse of one of them who is now in the hospital. I thought it my duty to report this statement to the officers in charge, who sent a sergeant and several men to arrest the supposed rebel. As they came towards the horse, a man advanced hastily to meet them from a neighboring hospital tent, and when within three or four yards, one of the party suddenly raised his gun and fired. The man fell, crying out that he was a surgeon, and, in fact, he proved to be Surgeon Thomas Jones of the 8th Pennsylvania Reserve. By this time it was near dark, and a uniform scarcely distinguish able. I dismounted, ran to him and helped to carry him to a tent, where I examined his wound, which had penetrated the chest, wounding the lung. I did what I could, and left him in the hands of a colleague. I learned subsequently that he survived a couple of days.” -The Medical and Surgical History of the War of the Rebellion, (1861-65). Volume 1, pg. 184 of appended documents.
Alleman, F. O.Assistant SurgeonApril 8, 1862Resigned July 20, 1862. “Order to Duty – Surgeon F. O. Alleman, formerly attached to the 8th Reserve Regiment has been ordered to report himself for duty in the 9th Reserve Regiment”Pennsylvania Daily Telegraph, September 1, 1862
Rugh, Jacob W.Assistant SurgeonJuly 15, 1862Resigned May 16, 1863
Cline, Godfrey H.Assistant SurgeonJuly 25, 1862Dismissed March 1, 1863. Alias George H. Kline.
McCormick, Samuel C.Assistant SurgeonJune 11, 1863Mustered out with Regiment, May 24, 1864
Aiken, WilliamChaplainJune 22, 1861Mustered out with Regiment, May 24, 1864. 1809-1886, Presbyterian.
Eberly, DanielChaplain1863“…in 1863 he joined the armed forces. He was the chaplain of the Eighth Pennsylvania Reserve Infantry until the end of the Civil War. Throughout the war the eighth regiment reserves had several encounters. In January 1863 they were in the “Mud March.” In Alexandria they were in the Rapidan Campaign. In Virginia 1864 they were in the Battle of the Wilderness May fifth through the seventh, Laurel Hill on May eighth, Spotsylvania on May ninth through the seventeenth. On May twelfth they were in the Assault on the Salient. And that is the summary of conflicts that the Eighth Pennsylvania Reserve Infantry was in during the years that Eberly was with them.”
Clark, Jr., Alfred T.Sergeant MajorApril 30, 1861Promoted to 1st Lieutenant, Company H, October 10, 1861
Callahan, Jacob R.Sergeant MajorJune 11, 1861Promoted from Sergeant, Company F, March 1, 1864; transferred to 191st Regiment P. V., May 15, 1864; Vet
Silvey, George W.Quarter Master SergeantJune 22, 1861Promoted from Sergeant to Quarter Master Sergeant, March 1, 1863; mustered out with Regiment, May 24, 1864
Todd, CharlesCommissary SergeantApril 22, 1861Promoted from private, Company A, March 1, 1863; mustered out with Regiment, May 24, 1864
Dunbar, James K.Hospital StewardPromoted Hospital Steward, June 22, 1861; discharged December 27, 1863, to receive promotion U. S. Army
McClure, Boyle I.Hospital StewardJune 23, 1861Promoted from Sergeant, Company K, January 12, 1864; mustered out with Regiment, May 24, 1864
Simmons, JohnHospital StewardJune 21, 1861Promoted from private Company D, July 6, 1862; not on muster out roll