Urbane Sloat, Co. K, 6th Pennsylvania Reserves & 191st PA Veteran Volunteers

On July 17, 1861, [Urbane Sloat1] enlisted in the Union army and was sworn into service at Washington on the 28th as a member of Co. K, 6th Penna Reserves, 35th Pa. in line. He served in the army of the Potomac for three years, the entire period the regiment existed. On Thanksgiving Day, 1861, he lay in the hospital, ill with typhoid fever, and from that day until Dec. 20, he was unconscious or delirious, and it was little short of miraculous that he survived. On Dec. 20 he experienced the first “lucid intervals,” when he was transferred from the hospital to Dranesville, Va., to make room for wounded.

He rejoined his command before the spring campaign opened and was in every battle the regiment participated in from that time until the last of May, 1864, when the regiment was disbanded. He re-enlisted in [Company E of] the 191st Pa. Vet. Vols., and was with that regiment until Lee”s surrender at Appomattox. He was discharged from the service on July 3, 1865.2

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  1. Pvt. Sloat was born in 1828, and died in 1933. He was buried at Maplewood Cemetery, Kingsley, Susquehanna County, PA
  2. Descendant Heather Quinn, Susquehanna Historical Society