William K. Chesnutt, Co. A, 1st Pennsylvania Reserve Cavalry

Historical and biographical work or Past and Present of Clinton County, by J. Milton Furey, Lock Haven, Pa. Williamsport, PA.: Pennsylvania Grit Printing House, 1892.

Hon. William Kipp Chesnutt was born in Lewistown, Mifflin county, Pa., March 10th, 1845. His educationwas received in the public schools of Lewistown, which he attended about eight years. In 1859 he began learning the tailor trade with William Lind, of Lewistown. He worked there about four years. Then he enlisted and served the latter part of the war with the First Pennsylvania Cavalry, receiving an honorable discharge after the grand review, at Washington,D.C. He returned to Lewistown, and remained until January, 1868, when he located in Renovo. Upon his arrival at Renovo he entered the merchant tailoring business, in which he is still engaged. In 1876 he was elected justice of the peace, and held the position for ten years, being elected twice and appointed once during this time. In 1886 he was elected one of the associate judges of Clinton county by the Republican party, and held the position until he became postmaster, May 5th, 1890. Judge Chesnutt was married Decmeber 27th, 1870, to Miss. Ruth Muthersbough, of Lewistown. His wife died March 22nd, 1890, leaving her husband and two daughters to mourn her loss. He was married again June 8th, 1892, to a Miss Carrie Newell, of Puxsutawney, Pa. Judge Chesnutt is not only a popular man, but a useful one. Politically he is an ardent Republican, and a leader in his party.

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