William N. Waldron, Co. F, 6th Reserves and 1st Pa. Reserve Light Artillery

Bradford Reporter - Towanda, Pa., July 31, 1884.

The Waldron brothers are stirring gentlemen and enterprising farmers, though their chief business for years has been that of droving. They have been very successful in this respect, and have made money. They are owners of some very fine horses and cattle. They are sons of Billings Waldron, who came t the township about sixty years ago from Rhode Island in company with Hezekiah Peck, who settled on the place now owned by C. J. Beardsley. After remaining in the township for ten years Mr. Waldron returned to Rhode Island, and became a sailor for the space of ten years more–twice in that time being cast away. Becoming quite satisfied with this sort of life, Mr. Waldron left the sea and again moved to Smithfield, where he lived the balance of his days.

Of Mr. Waldron’s sons, W. N. and N. W. were gallant soldiers. W. N. enlisted in April, 1861, in the Sixth Pennsylvania Reserves. He was in the Peninsular [sic] Campaign, and participated in all the battles fought in connection with it. He was a member of Cooper’s battery, one of the most distinguished of the war. He was wounded at the New Market Cross Roads, and after remaining in the hospital for nine months, received his discharge in 1863 and returned home. He was a participant in twenty-six battles. N. W. enlisted in February, 1863, in the Fiftieth New York Veterans, and served in the Fifth Army Corps. He was in all the disastrous battles fought in connection with Grant’s overland campaign and all the engagements fought in and about Petersburg. For a period of forty-five days following May, 1864, his company was under fire every day. He remained with his regiment until the close of the war. He was at Appomattox at the time of the surrender, and saw the great generals of the war. Mr. Waldron may well feel proud of his record as a soldier.

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