William Newkirk, Co. B, 7th Pennsylvania Reserves

History of Crawford County Iowa; A Record of Settlement, Organization, Progress and Achievement, Volume II, Chiago, The S. J. Clarke Publishing Co., 1911.

E. E.NEWKIRK, who is now acting as manager of the Neola Elevator Company with elevators at Kenwood, Paradise township, has by a series of progressive steps worked his way upwards in the business world from a humble position his record indicating clearly the force of industry, energy and perseverance. A native of Pennsylvania, he was born on the 11th of September 1862 a son of William and Elizabeth Huggans Newkirk. The family came to the United States from Holland the name originally being Van Newkirk. William Newkirk, who was also born in the Keystone state, was there reared and married and continued to make it his place of residence until the outbreak of the Civil war, when he offered his services to his country as a defender of the Union cause. He enlisted as a soldier in the Seventh Pennsylvania Reserves and gave up his life at the engagement of Gaines Mills before Richmond at which time the regiment had been forced to retreat. During the battle he was twice wounded and was urged by his comrades to go to the rear. This however he refused to do retaining his place at the front and while thus talking and reloading his gun he was again struck by a shell which terribly mutilated his body It was then that the company was forced to retreat and two comrades started to carry him back with them an almost impossible task owing to the nature of his wound and the fact that he was a large man. Realizing that he would die anyway he begged them to leave him and he was last seen crawling toward a spring from which he was trying to get a drink. Nothing has ever been heard as to the place of his burial. His widow who was also born and reared in Pennsylvania still survives and yet makes her home in that state. Their family consisted of six children as follows John a resident of Elizabethville, Pennsylvania, one who died in infancy. William whose whereabouts are unknown; Perry, of Amorita, Oklahoma; Joel, of Montclair New Jersey; and E.E., of this review.

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