William R. Paull, Co. A, 1st Pennsylvania Reserves

Paull, Elisabeth Maxwell, Paull-Irwin: A Family Sketch, pg. 158, Privately Printed 1915.

William Rogers Paull, son of Thomas Paull. Volunteer Private. Enlisted December 1st, 1861, at West Chester, Pennsylvania. Company A, First Regiment Pennsylvania Reserves, Infantry. May 23rd, 1864, he was transferred to the One Hundred and Ninetieth Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers. He served until January 3rd, 1865. He fought in many battles, which included Manassas, Antietam, Fredericksburg, The Wilderness, and Gettysburg. In the long marches he suffered from the rubbing of the hard army boots, which caused sore ankles, and he was obliged to spend six months in a hospital. He never recovered; rheumatism followed, which caused his death eventually, twenty-five years later.

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