William Searight, Co. G, 8th Pennsylvania Reserves

Nelson's biographical dictionary and historical reference book of Fayette County, Pennsylvania : containing a condensed history of Pennsylvania, of Fayette County, and the boroughs and townships of the county : also, portraits and biographies of the governors since 1790, and genealogies, family histories and biographies of representative men of the county : illustrated. Author(s): Shepherd, Henry E.; 1844-1929. ; (Henry Elliot), Publication: Uniontown, Pa. : S.B. Nelson, 1900.

CAPTAIN WILLIAM SEARIGHT, one of the best local newspaper editors that Pennsylvania ever produced, and who had served bravely in the late Civil War, was popular wherever he was known, on account of genial nature and generous impulses. He was the third son of William and Rachel (Brownfield) Searight, and was born at Searights, July 28, 1835. He received his education in Dunlap’s Creek academy, and Washington and Madison colleges, and, in 1853, was appointed as a cadet to West Point Military academy, from which he resigned one year later. He then was in clerical employ under Governor Black, of Nebraska, and also of his brother at Uniontown. In 1861 he enlisted in Company G, Eighth Pennsylvania Reserves. He was made first sergeant, soon became popular, and his West Point knowledge made him an efficient drill officer. Upon his captain’s promotion, he was elected captain over several of the company officers, who were his seniors in rank. Sickness compelled him to resign, but after recruiting his health, he enlisted again, as a private, in the Eighty-eighth Pennsylvania Regiment, and served until 1865. In 1869 he became local editor of the “Genius of Liberty,” was phenomenally successful, and made the “Genius” one of the ablest and most popular local newspapers of the State. From that time on, until his death in 1881, Captain William (familiarly known as “B”) Searight did splendid local work on the Uniontown papers, and was a valued correspondent of several Pittsburg dailies. He passed away July 31, 1881; his remains were interred at Grace church, under the auspices of the Grand Army of the Republic, but his memory will long survive in many loving hearts, on account of his many generous and noble qualities.

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